Conversion increase and frustration decrease with this simple legal tweak

Neuro Usability Insight #16

We’ve found in our emotion data that accepting terms and agreements in online forms is one of the biggest frustration points in a sales funnel. Frustrating elements are subconscious bottlenecks for your visitors and indicate reasons for drop-out. With a simple tweak, it’s possible to bypass this bottleneck.


Every website is looking continuously for increases in conversion. But every website has necessary steps for visitors to go through before actually converting. Examples are a form, payment, but also accepting the terms and conditions of the company.

In our emotion database we sometimes see similarities across differents tests on different websites. One of these is the frustration that arises when visitors are interacting with the terms and conditions (often below a form). Below you’ll see an example of a participant who’s reading the text about the terms and you can see the red line (labeled ‘frustration) increasing when this is happening.


neuro usability insight 16 example


In follow-up A/B tests it has been shown that creating variants based on decreasing these frustration points increases A/B testing success rate with over 17% with 25% bigger increase in conversion on average.

Although almost nobody reads the terms but still are frustrated every time they have to agree with the terms, becoming an important subconscious bottleneck for visitors. That is because visitors are aware that they’re agreeing to a ‘contract’ and having a feeling of losing their freedom when purchasing your product or service. But actually the visitor doesn’t have to check a box to agree with the terms, and you can actually let the visitor agree by just using text.

The checkbox for terms is not mandatory by Dutch law. But it is by American law, and that’s why it has been the standard on every website.


How to apply

Of course you’ll need to clearly inform your visitor about your terms. When placing text like ‘When buying you’ll automatically agree with our terms’ around the buy button, and also making the text link for example to a PDF of your terms, you are making it a lot less frustrating for your users.

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