From one frustration bottleneck to 12% conversion increase

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In collaboration with Lieven Swinnen, E-Business Manager @ Landal Greenparks.

Based on big conversion differences between desktop and mobile, two Brainpeek tests have been setup to explain the ‘why’ of this difference in behavior. The optimizations, based on the emotion data in combination with other data layers, have ensured an increase in bookings of almost 12%!

Conversion gaps between devices
Landal Greenparks owns 90 parks and provides holiday accommodations throughout the year for their guests. Their CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) team is continuously searching for optimizations for their website to increase experience and conversion. They have been working with Brainpeek since 2 years and use Brainpeek’s emotion data to find the ‘why’ in drop out behavior.

Before the summer they analyzed their conversion rates and noticed two big gaps between desktop and mobile on two different steps in their sales flow (booking an accommodation). One of these is the ‘Mijn vakantie’ page (or ‘My Holiday’ page), and is chosen to further investigate why these differences appear between devices.

Brainpeek tests
To find out they requested two Brainpeek tests, one on desktop and one on mobile. Braingineers then performed the two tests with 10 participants each, delivering emotion based data on these two flows and compared differences in experiences.

One of the important findings that came out of these tests was that on mobile a lot more frustration and attention peaks were induced in the participants brains on this ‘Mijn vakantie’ page. Also the behavior showed that they didn’t know where to click to go further in the process and seemed to be stuck.

Braingineers complemented the objectively measured frustration peaks with feedback from the participants, guiding to the explanation of this emotional reaction. What Braingineers found was that the purpose of this page, on mobile, was perceived as very unclear, resulting in the high frustration peaks.

First, the page, wasn’t named correctly, so participants were feeling they should have gone back to the accommodation detail page instead of a step further in the flow. Secondly, on the previous page the button showed a button ‘book nu’ (‘book now’) with the icon of a shopping cart, indicating that the accommodation would be added to the shopping cart. When the participant clicked this button, they got on this page, which wasn’t identified as the shopping cart page.

Below you see a screenshot of an emotion recording for one participant, experiencing frustration on this exact moment.

“What we see very often is that expectations of the user aren’t met after clicking a button. Our advice is to not only look at optimizations on every page, but take a close look at the expectations a user has when clicking from one page to the next one. These transitions are full of low hanging fruit for optimizations.” – Max van Kaathoven, Co-Founder @ Braingineers.

Brainpeeks emotion data was one layer of data in this research before coming to hypotheses. Also Hotjar’s heatmaps were included, which confirmed the use of the ‘shopping cart’ button, while participants were already on that page. Together with 25% of the users reporting that they didn’t find what they were looking for on this page. Additional surveys have been conducted by the customer service, which also concluded that a lot of visitors got stuck there, and had to be guided in the right direction on the website.

Based on these data layers, multiple optimizations were tested via Ascend, an AI based experimentation tool. Basically this tool provides the option to test multiple optimizations at once without influencing the unique optimization results and it helps getting to a perfect combination of optimizations. Below you see an overview of all the variants that have been tested via Ascend, and the best scoring candidates (in green).

The winning variant had multiple optimizations on the ‘Mijn vakantie’ page, which is shown below. You can see clear differences which had the purpose of (1) bring focus on the page, (2) remove insecurities, (3) make functionalities clearer and (4) facilitate the fast/experienced booker.

The results are amazing: with an 99,2% certainty the bookings (!) were increased by 11,8%! “By using Brainpeeks emotion data in combination with our other data layers, we’re enriching our insights in our users behavior. This results in a true next level of optimization effectiveness and increases in conversions.” – Lieven Swinnen, E-Commerce Manager @ Landal Greenparks.