Discovering user insights we could never have found with any other testing tool

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In collaboration with Martijn van der Voort, CRO Specialist @ Centraal Beheer.

Based on a finding from a Brainpeek test, Centraal Beheer found a frustration bottleneck on the insurance overview page. An A/B test has run and shown an overall conversion increase of 14%.

Brainpeek tests

Martijn van der Voort is Conversion Specialist in the digital team at Centraal Beheer, which is continuously analyzing and improving the user experience of their website and apps. Before the summer of this year, Centraal Beheer requested a Brainpeek test regarding their sales flow for car insurances. During this test, 10 participants navigated, on a smartphone, through their website and were given the task to look for a suitable insurance for their car. Whenever they found one, they could purchase one.

Based on the emotion data of the 10 participants, one of the main findings was that multiple participants experienced high attention and frustration levels when deciding on suitable insurance for their situation. The participants’ neurofeedback explained that its reason was the decision making and the unclarity of the information needed to do so: “I thought there was a lot of text here. Also, there was a preselected insurance which I did not choose and it was unclear for me why this one was selected.” says one participant.


When the participants had to make a decision, they expected to be supported and would get advice from Centraal Beheer, because they filled in information about their car before getting to this page. Although there was one insurance pre-selected, there was no explanation on why this one was selected, and whether it was based on their information. 

This resulted in that participants got a feeling of not being helped through the process and causing high frustration levels. On the bottom of the page was information about the pre-selected insurance, but because it wasn’t visually clear that this information was shown there.

centraal beheer case

Suggestion & hypotheses

One suggestion was to move the explanation of the pre-selected insurance package closer to the package itself. This way it would be immediately clear to visitors why a specific insurance was pre-selected, so that they feel helped and supported in their decision making.

To test the hypotheses, Centraal Beheer & iProspect developed an A/B test with the following variant:

centraal beheer case


The A/B test showed a significant postive impact for the variant with a conversion increase of over 14%!

“The Brainpeek test really helped us discovering user insights we’ve couldn’t have found with any other testing tool. Together with iProspect we’ve created several a/b tests based on these insights. The results we’re overwhelming. At Centraal Beheer testing is part of our DNA. Delivering the best on- and offline experience for our customers is what drives us. The Brainpeek test is our latest addition to our testing methods to achieve that goal.” – Martijn van der Voort