We’d love to prepare a customised proposal for you. Braingineers uses a pricing model that depends on a few factors specific to your needs. Simply request more information about pricing below and we’ll share it with you immediately.

Neuro Usability testing for websites and apps

Neuromarketing testing (UX, Video)

Assess customer journeys on ux, emotions and implicit behaviour for websites and apps (neuro-usability) or pretest and measure the emotional impact of your videos (neuro-video).

Neuro Usability setup with EEG, eye tracking and website testing

Your own neurolab (solution as a service)

For those looking for their own, in-house neuromarketing solution we provide state-of-the-art UX/CX labs: hardware and integrated tooling on lease (SAAS). Set up in 2 days.

Neuro Usability testing for videos

Tooling: Brainsight     (A.I. eye-tracking)

Brainsight is our A.I. tool (SAAS) to instantly generate eye-tracking heatmaps with 94% accuracy to predict viewers’ attention. Aanalyse, validate & optimize UX and videos and pretest DOOH-, Display- or social ads. 

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