Brainpeek user testing platform

Easily manage your user research in an all-in-one user testing solution, including analysis tools.

Watch the video for a full introduction of our dashboard: Brainpeek

What’s Brainpeek?

Brainpeek is a user research platform that combines technology with CX/UX research to measure, store, analyse and present user behavior. With dynamic analysis tools, reports and structured participant feedback, you will gain deeper insights of your customer journeys and will improve team-colloration and efficiency.


Replay recordings from participants to analyse customers’ experience, including data from:

  • viewing behavior with eye-tracking
  • browsing behavior with click/touch tracking
  • emotions (EEG) to discover frustrations that cause bottlenecks in your flow
  • Structured, consolidated participant feedback

On the right is part of a participant recording

Nike-pages ranking
Page ranking detail example


Participants go through different pages, in different patterns. Brainpeek shows you:

  • what pages have the highest bottlenecks
  • structured feedback related to a certain page
  • how many people visited a certain page in their customer journey 
  • how much time they spent there

Expert analysis

Our expert team with a neuromarketing- and psyhcology background evaluate all recordings, pages and feedback. They determine key-insights for your app/website, like: “Attention and Frustration peak on page, because…”, supported by data and improvement suggestions.

Nike Insights
Insight detail example

Analyse a journey yourself


Do I need to do the participant testing myself?

Nope. We do the participant testing for you. All you have to do is to request a user test and provide us with the necessary details, like which target group.

Can I request a user test from Brainpeek as well?

Yes, on the left in the menu there is a button ‘create new test’ which leads you to a form where you can leave all the info that’s needed for us to perform the test.

Can I analyze the data myself?

Yes. We will give you some suggestions to start, but you are free to analyze all the data points on every page.

Can I share user test reports with others?

There is no external sharing option yet, but in Brainpeek you can add colleagues to your company.  All members in the same company will have access to your user tests.

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