Brainpeek for video testing

Easily manage and analyse your video content testing in the all-in-one user research solution.

Most important features..

Eye + emotion tracking

Replay recordings from participants to analyse viewing behavior, including data from:

  • eye-tracking: what did viewers (not) see? 
  • which emotions does your video evoke? What scenes cause frustration and why?
  • Structured participant feedback on scene-level

On the right is part of a participant recording

Nike-pages ranking


Every video test is divided into different scenes. In Brainpeek you can analyze:

  • what scenes rank highest in joy or frustration
  • cognitive load: is the key-message understood? What scenes are boring, exciting? 
  • viewer’s attention and brand recognition

Associations & evaluations

Participants will go through a survey after viewing your video, which includes:

  • Associations (including 5 from you)
  • Feedback on clarity of the message, distinctiveness, action- and sharing intent, and commercial-brand fit.
  • Open questions on recollection of the message, most impactful scene, and specific open questions desired by you.
Nike Insights
Insight detail example
Nike-pages ranking
Page ranking detail example

Expert analysis

Our team of neuromarketing-experts will evaluate all recordings, scenes and feedback to determine insights for every scene. An insight can be for example: “Viewers experience frustration in scene X because they don’t understand the message”. Insight come with (psychological)  evidence, complemented with suggestions for improvements.

Check out a full analysis?


Do I need to do the participant testing myself?

Nope. We do the participant testing for you. All you have to do is to request a user test and provide us with the necessary details, like which target group.

Can I request a user test from Brainpeek as well?

Yes, on the left in the menu there is a button ‘create new test’ which leads you to a form where you can leave all the info that’s needed for us to perform the test.

Can I analyze the data myself?

Yes. We will give you some suggestions to start, but you are free to analyze all the data points on every page.

Can I share user test reports with others?

There is no external sharing option yet, but in Brainpeek you can add colleagues to your company.  All members in the same company will have access to your user tests.

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