Neuro testing
with Brainpeek

Test websites and apps, from prototypes to production

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Offers the most important insights, including:

* 10 Participant recordings

* Elements

* 2 Consultancy findings


Offers full insights in your funnel, including:

*10 participant recordings

* Elements

* Sections

* 5 Consultancy findings & presentation

Easily create new user tests

Within Brainpeek, it’s really easy to set up a new test. You can also save it as a draft, and let your team check and edit it, before requesting the test.

Data of 10 participants

View the recordings of 10 participants, including their emotions, eye movements, mouse movements, and feedback.

Most frustrating elements

With element insights, you’ll get an overview of all the elements and all related neurofeedback based on frustration, attention or joy.

Sections & their performance


See the impact every section (like a page) has on your funnel with the ‘section performance’ score. Pick the most important ones and see what causes their performance scores.

Work together


Work together by inviting your team members into your test results. Every team member can suggest new Brainpeek tests by saving it as a draft.

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