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Pre-test videos, UX designs or marketing material with automatic, AI-powered heatmap predictions

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Comparison Predictions

How it works

Brainsight is an A.I. powered tool to predict viewers’ attention, with a 94% accuracy rate. Check where people are looking the first 3-5 seconds when faced with a visual/design. Quickly and easily assess if your visual design hierarchy is clear and whether crucial information is visually salient or not. Easily switch between heatmaps and peek-throughs to check your content. 

Feedback in seconds:

1. Upload your design or video

2. Heatmaps will be generated by our AI

3. Review and gain insights from your heatmaps

For UX Designers

  • Do users see what you want them to see when landing on your page?
  • Is the visual hierarchy as you would like?
  • Is there enough attention going to the main CTA’s
  • Are some of the images too much distracting?

For Marketeers

  • What distracts viewers from your key message?
  • How to get more attention to the main message
  • How effective are my billboard or newspaper ads? 
  • Is my logo seen in my ad?

For ad creators

  • Is my logo seen as assumed in the ad?
  • Is the call to action getting the right attention? 
  • Are there distracting elements that I need to change?
  • Are viewers paying attention towards the main actors and message in the storyline?
  • A/B test your designs on attention / saliency



  • See which parts draw attention.
  • Ensure that user see what the page is about, what they should do, and where they should go next.
  • Peekthrough heatmaps are reversed heatmaps to quickly check what users see the first time they scan your landing page.

Areas of interest

Simply draw boxes around areas of interest to compare different designs and to see which variants gets the most attention.

Compare variants

Compare versions with design changes to get to the optimal version and choose a winning design.

Comparison Predictions


How can I get access to the Beta program?

You can request access by leaving your business email on the top of the page. Our product team will assess your request and get in touch with you via email.

What are the conditions of the Beta program?

The Beta program is setup to gain direct customer-input to enhance the value of this tool and to further improve technology. In exchange for unlimited usage during the beta period, we’ll regularly ask for feedback.

When will the tool go to a paid public version?

We estimate to move to the paid version in the first quarter of 2022.

How many heatmaps can I do in the Beta program?

During the beta, you will have unlimited credits for as well image as video heatmaps. As long as our servers hold 😉

Any other questions?

Drop us a line to ask your question or to request a demo here


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