Neuro usability testing

“Braingineers enables us to fully understand and improve the underlying emotions of our visitors throughout the entire on-site shopping journey. Their team delivers results at incredible speed and unlock insights using their powerful dashboard, ensuring they can be quickly implemented or further explored. As a result we were able to increase traffic to our basket with 2.4%.”

Stephan Brandenburg, UX Researcher

Really understand 'why'

Because interviews interfere with the user’s behavior, we let participants navigate on their own. This way we capture true interactions with your website and measure the subconscious emotions.

“The Brainpeek test really helped us discover user insights we’ve couldn’t have found with any other testing tool. The Brainpeek test is our latest addition to our testing methods to achieve our goals.”

Martijn van der Voort, Conversion Specialist

Ensure successful optimizations

Optimizations based on frustrating elements were 25% more successful ánd had an average of 17% higher conversion than other optimizations. 

“By using Brainpeeks emotion data in combination with our other data layers, we’re enriching our insights into our users’ behavior. This results in a truly next level of optimization effectiveness and increases in conversions.”

Lieven Swinnen, E-Business Manager

Explain drop out behavior and bottlenecks

With the emotion data, we’re able to see which pages and specific elements cause the most frustration, resulting in a build-up in frustration causing drop out behavior you see in your analytics.

“There are many reasons why we’ve been working together with Braingineers for 3 years. The emotion analytics of Braingineers are a perfect addition to our data and analytics. Based on their insights we are able to explain drop out behavior and improve the conversion rates and user experience at the same time.”
Juriaan Bos, Product Owner E-Commerce

Backlog prioritized on proven user needs

Take your backlog and reduce development, design and management waste with 25%, by testing user journeys and their most frustrating elements.

Own the discussions

Where everyone has an opinion of what’s best for the user, it becomes a struggle to get everyone on board for the best solution. 

Brainpeek’s emotion data are objectively measured data points, directly from the brain of your users. 

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