Emotional Experience Analysis

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What is an Emotional Experience Analysis?

An Emotional Experience Analysis is a thorough analysis conducted by our senior consultants on, for example, your website flow. We analyse the flow on an emotional, psychological and decision making level on multiple points.

Since our consultants have analysed data of more than 5.000 neuro usability tests and they all have a background in consumer psychology, they are the experts when it comes to analysing webflows on an emotional level, including:


  • Persuasive design – does your design support the goals of the behavior of your user?
  • Behavioral guidance of the content and copy – does your copy help guide the behavior of your user + are expectations managed?
  • Psychological flow check – is your flow cognitive load friendly + are there potential bottlenecks?
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When, where, what?

When to use?

  • To get insights when in an early stage of development and design (prototypes, exploration phase, early ideation phase).
  • When you don’t have any qualitative data to rely on.
  • When you don’t have the budget, time or priority to setup a full neuro usability research.

Where to use it for?

Basically everything that you want to have reviewed on an emotional, psychological and decision making level:


  • Rough sketches or designs
  • Existing flows
  • New flows
  • Prototypes
  • Landing pages
  • Email content
  • Checkout flows
  • Service flows

What can you get out of it?

  • Input for A/B tests.
  • Input for (neuro) user testing.
  • Deeper understanding of your users on a psychological, emotional and decision making level.
  • Improve success ratio of your A/B tests and impact on your user.
  • Better understanding of the emotional experience of your users.
  • Reduce bottlenecks and dropout behavior by implementing advice.
  • Get an outsider (expert) to think along.

How does it work?


Request an EX analysis

Use our form to request a new analysis.


Set up research design

Our consultant will discuss upfront which 10 elements have your specific interest to be analyzed and these will also be taken into account.


Analyzing the report

The analysis is performed within 2-3 working days.


Present findings and suggestions

All findings within the report are presented interactively.

Why Braingineers

After years of servicing our clients with great happiness, having conducted over more than 5000 neuro usability tests in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, we are confident to say that we are experts when it comes to analyzing emotions of users in an digital environment.

We can make the difference!

emerce top 100 award Dutch companies ranked Braingineers as no.1 analytics & optimization company in The Netherlands 2020!

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