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“The focus of Philips is to provide visitors with the best user experience. We gather this knowledge from Braingineers and their platform for the continuous improvement of our customer journeys, so that we can offer an efficient, effective and pleasant user experience on all touch points of their buying process.”

Soraia Cardoso, Global Lead Digital Optimisation

Deploy an emotion based strategy with our consultants

Create and optimize workflows, tools and processes

If your team’s priorities are to optimise your website on UX and conversion, you’ve probably overcome a lot of challenges, although there are likely many more challenges ahead. Most companies experience difficulty either: getting everyone on board for certain optimisations, getting their data in order for efficient use, knowing which tools are best for which purposes, or understanding everything that comes with user testing or A/B testing. We are here to help!

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Pinpoint bottlenecks in your analytics

All analytics have valuable insights hidden in them, and finding the bottlenecks is the start of every optimization proces.

Case Landal Greenparks showing differences between desktop and mobile
showing the results of an a/b test of Landal Greenparks

Translate user insights to the best optimizations

Our consultants at Braingineers are experts in unraveling the causes of the bottlenecks your users experience online. This expertise is proven to result in better optimisations.

Create a seamless shopping experience

Our consultants are trained to seamlessly connect with your team, which will result in the best shopping experience for your users!

“By using Brainpeeks emotion data in combination with our other data layers, we’re enriching our insights into our users’ behavior. This results in a truly next level of optimization effectiveness and increases in conversions.”

Lieven Swinnen, E-Business Manager

conversion increase that Landal Greenparks realized based on brainpeek test
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Become Brainpeek Certified

During our onboarding training day, you will take speed courses on the human brain, the Brainpeek platform and neuro usability method. After positive evaluation, you’ll receive a unique code to add the certification on LinkedIn.

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