Insights Session: Coca Cola Case Study

Discover Coca-Cola’s formula to create memorable videos ?

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Did you know Coca-Cola spends around 4 Billion USD per year on advertising? In this free online Insights Session, we’ve put their most popular TV commercial to our Neuro Video Test to unravel Coca-Cola’s secrets to creating their iconic ads. What will you learn?


  • Top insights from one of the biggest advertisers in the world.
  • How neuro video test is an indispensable innovation for marketing research.
  • Tips to create videos with high emotional impact that will allow you to connect emotionally with your audience and exceed your business goals.

Neuro Video Test: Connect emotionally

Beautiful visuals and creative content are not enough if they don’t provoke the needed emotional impact. Exploring the subconscious processes of the brain is essential to understand, predict, and understand the impact and effectiveness of your video.

Neuro Video Test gives you a real insight into the emotional experience of the viewers and supports you in making the best decisions regarding how to edit and optimize it. EEG and eye-tracking allows us to provide you with reliable data and insights based on neuro research.

About the speaker ?

Eltine van der Veer

Our brainy Head of UX Consultancy and Services has been awarded Insights Professional of the year 2018. With a psychological background and experience on the largest emotion database on websites, she’s ready to help you blow your viewers’ minds!

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Wednesday 18/11, 13:00 – 13:45 pm.

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