Neuro research method

digging deeper into the subconscious

Our methodology

We have developed a unique research method that can reveal how your customers truly experience an online product, app, web page or video. By measuring brain activity, tracking the senses, and processing those measurements with our proprietary emotion detection algorithms, we provide answers to the ‘why’ behind customer behavior. 

Through the addition of brain data to user testing, our methodology gives us a deep and data-driven understanding of your customers’ emotional experiences. The insights that our research method provides, hold great potential for a great variety of optimization practices. 

Which technologies do we use?


We use Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to detect electrical activity in the brain. For each test, participants are equipped with an EEG headset, which accurately measures and records the brain activity that is evoked from navigating through a web flow, performing an online task, or watching a video.

Eye- & mouse tracking

When participants partake in a neuro test, they always operate on-screen. During a test, their eye movements and mouse movements are tracked and recorded by highly accurate sensory devices. Logically, when participants partake in a neuro video test, only their eye movements are tracked and recorded.  

Emotion detection

Our self-developed emotion detection algorithms convert EEG brain measurements into accurate visual representations of three key emotions: frustration, joy and attentionResearch has shown that for measuring online customer experience, these emotions are key.


Taken together, our test measurements already produce a rich bundle of user data that gives us profound insight into the subconscious emotional experience of your customers. Since we specialize in measuring emotions, we purposely do not interfere with participants during tests.

After a test is completed, and the data have been recorded, participants are asked to give neurofeedback on the significant peaks in emotions that they experienced. As a result, we can come to understand exactly why certain elements in web flows or videos evoke certain emotions.

Such an approach to user testing reduces the risk of bias significantly, whilst also providing a solid, scientific basis for optimization advice.

The impact of the subconscious

It has been scientifically proven that 95% of our decisions are made subconsciously, and that emotions strongly affect customer value. Brand attitudes, purchase decisions and other customer behavior have little to do with rational thinking. Therefore, if you want to influence customer behavior, gaining insight into the emotional experience of your customers is key. Our neuro research method makes this possible. 

Thanks to our methodology, we are able to map how your customer’s brain responds to certain stimuli, and which emotions those stimuli evoke subconsciously. 

How do we conduct a neuro test?

1. Test request

A test request is made, including your areas of focus and research goals. Our research consultants will then select a suitable scenario and will set up the neuro test. 

 2. Participants

For each individual test, 10 participants are invited to our research lab. Participants can be randomly selected or, if needed, belong to a specific target group

 3. Preparations

Participants are equipped with the EEG headsets, eye-tracking devices are then carefully configured. A baseline calibration  is carried out to determine the mental state of the participant. 

 4. Task completion

The participants complete an online task by navigating through your web flow or by watching a video uninterruptedly. Meanwhile, emotions and eye movements are measured and recorded. 

 5. Neurofeedback

After a participant finishes the task, he or she provides neurofeedback by reflecting on objectively measured peaks in emotions. Their feedback is used to clarify research results. 

6. Results

Data recordings are automatically processed and stored in Brainpeek. Test results are then available for access and your research insights are packaged into an online report.

7. Consulting

Optionally, one of our research consultants will use their background in psychology and expertise within the field of neuro research to deliver the results of your test, presenting you with actionable insights, valuable optimization advice and Q&A sessions 

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