Explaining the neuro usability method

“Emotions are at the core of the customer’s decision making. We needed to find out the deeper motivations and painpoints for travellers, and Braingineers neuro usability method helped us to achieve a coherent map of the emotional journey.”

Alberto Ferreira, UX Research Manager

A carefully developed method

The neuro usability method adds an extra layer of brain data to conventional usability testing results. Through the use of EEG, brain activity is measured and processed by emotion detection algorithms. With these science based algorithms the following three emotions can be analyzed while participants navigate through a website.

Neuro Usability setup with EEG, eye tracking and website testing
participant selection

Participant selection

Per neuro usability test, 10 participants are recruited. This can be a general target group, or a target group with specific selection criteria, depending on the client and goal of the test. These participants all visit the Braingineers research lab individually for 1 hour to perform the test. 


Each participant is given a task to perform on the website, for example: ‘You are interested in a new mobile subscription including a device and you are checking the possibilities offered by this company.’

user browsing the web and buying something online
participant performing a Neuro Usability test with EEG and eye-tracking

Recording data

Since the neuro usability method measures on an emotional level, there is no interaction between a researcher and the user during the test. The user is completely free to navigate through the website, just like at home.

While visiting the website, an EEG measurement is done to measure three emotions; Frustration, Attention and Joy. Simultaneously eye tracking is measured to see where people are looking. 



The visualization of their emotions and behavior helps the user in explaining their subconscious experiences to the researcher. Peaks in emotions have shown to be the most important source of insights when optimizing websites, because these provide you with the answer to the ‘why’ of behavior.

Participant fills in neurofeedback after Neuro Usability test

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