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Neuro video research is an eye-opening method that enables you to measure the emotional impact and effectiveness of your videos, from storyboard to final edit. Don’t worry, your creative concept will remain intact. We enable you to optimize it with neuromarketing insights. 

By combining the latest EEG and eye-tracking technologies with our unique emotion detection algorithms, we dig deeper into your viewer’s brain. Explore how Braingineers lets you create emotionally impactful videos that truly resonate with your audience.

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Neuro video test workflow

Neuro video workflow

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Neuro video research can be conducted across a wide variety of online videos & TV commercials, on desktop or mobile. It adds valuable scientific proof to your video optimization process. 

Test results provide actionable insights into the subconscious emotional experience of your viewers when watching your videos. They enable you to identify which  elements evoke positive or negative emotions, require extra attention, or how specific scenes impact your viewers.


How do we do it?

Measure emotions

We dig deeper into your viewer’s brain by measuring three key emotional drivers; joy, attention & frustration. This enables us to:

  • Know from second to second which emotions your videos evoke
  • Pinpoint exactly which visual cues or elements have a positive or negative impact
  • Give evidence-based optimization advice to improve video effectiveness
  • Make your videos significantly more impactful

Interested in our methodology?

Measures generally positive experiences

Measures the amount of cognitive activity required to process information.

Measures potential problems or obstructions in reaching a certain goal.

Avoid bias

Our neuro research method is unique in its ability to eliminate subjectivity in research data. By measuring brain activity and not interfering with participants during tests, potential risk of bias or socially desirable behavior is minimized. The method therefore provides highly reliable insights into the actual emotional experience of your customers, which gives it a major advantage over regular qualitative testing.  

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All neuro insights are analyzed, stored and visualized in Brainpeek, the world’s first emotion data analytics platform. Gain access to your research reports, participant data, insights and consultant summaries, arrandend in the Brainpeek dashboard

neuro video test can be completed within two weeks, from request to results.

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