Get your own neuroscience lab

Run your own, in-house neuroscience lab. Capture new insights to improve UX, conversion or ad-effectiveness and build the best customer journeys with emotional impact.

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Your neuro-lab

After five years of running neuromarketing research services and perfecting our neuroscience-lab in Amsterdam we now share this award-winning methodology & technology and bring it to your doorstep. Literally.

Braingineers Neurolab solution is a fully integrated, plug & play neuromarketing lab, designed for research-, marketing-, CX-, UX- and UI-professionals.  

Capture emotions

With EEG, brain-activity is measured. Our proprietary software and algorithms translate this into postive emotions (joy), negative emotions (frustration) and cognitive / mental load.

Behavioral tracking

The Braingineers neurolab tracks users’ behavior with eye-tracking (mobile, desktop, TV), touch-tracking (mobile), browsing behaviour (click- and scrolling behavior) and session recordings.

The power of synergy

The value of Braingineers’ neuromarketing lab is the combination of emotion- and behavioral-tracking and methodology: it exposes your customer journeys’ strenghts and weaknesses, exactly where, when and why.

Minimize bias

Participants perform a task on their own, in silence to minimize bias. Technology tracks their behavior and records the session. All significant emotional responses are automatically marked; input for afollow-up interview (neurofeedback) by a researcher.

Neuroscience. Made easy

Braingineers Lab Solutions is designed for users; you don’t need to be a scientist. It has never been easier to conduct unbiased user research, unlocking emotions- and implicit behavior of your users. Also, it is very efficient: no more data processing or interview notes; this is managed by Brainpeek, our platform.


Manage your own, in-house, self-managed neuro-lab. Capture emotions and other customer insights to tackle bottlenecks for website-, app- and video content optimization. It contains:

  • Eye-tracking (desktop & mobile) – viewing behavior
  • EEG (electroencephalogram) – measuring brain-activity
  • Mouse|Click|Touch Tracking – browsing behaviour
  • Session recordings – other journey observations
  • Brainpeek – research & emotion analytics platform
  • Onboarding, support, training

Braingineers Labs offered on an all-in license-fee: no hardwares investment or implementation are required. Your lab is up and running in days, including onboarding and training.


Why fancy your own?

Unlock neuromarketing insights, get evidence-based, actionable insights, minimize bias and make research more efficiently:

  • Gain access to neuromarketing and neuro-UX without the need for a neuro-science team
  • Discover bottlenecks in your digital customer journeys
  • Gain actionable insights for immediate optimization and for creating evidence-based hypotheses for A/B testing
  • Focus on understanding your customers, not admin: Brainpeek saves lots of time: research workflow management, auto-collect, store and collect data, automatic reporting, collaboration tooling.


Neuro Usability setup with EEG, eye tracking and website testing
Award Winning

Braingineers has won various awards & nominations in UX, Customer Insights and technological innovations 

  • #1 Optimization & Customer Insights Agency (Emerce Top100, multiple years in a row)
  • DDMA Dutch CRO Awards
  • Innovation Award (Accenture)
  • Challenger50
  • Innovation Top 100 (Chamber of Commerce)

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