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Neuro usability (UX)

  • Assess subconscious, emotional user experiences.
  • Understand the ‘why’ behind customer behavior.
  • Remove bias from qualitative data.
  • Map bottlenecks in your customer journeys.
  • Obtain valuable input for CRO and A/B testing.
  • Make your web flows more intuitive.

Neuro video

  • Capture the emotional impact of your video content.
  • Analyze and improve brand recognition.
  • Map positive and negative emotional triggers.
  • Receive extensive, evidence-based optimization advice.
  • Make your videos have a strong emotional impact.
Benchmark phones

UX Benchmarking

  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of your digital journeys.
  • Compare your UX flows to those of key competitors.
  • Get a full UX performance overview.
  • Discover do’s & don’ts across web pages and apps.
  • Receive an extensive benchmark report and get an expert Q&A.

Brainpeek licensed

We are on the brink of launching our licensed neuromarketing solution:

  • Corporate Neuromarketing Lab: operate your own DIY neuro-lab. Embed neuromarketing research into your UX design & optimization processes.
  • Agency Neuromarketing Lab: help your customers realize next-level UX & CX.

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