Braingineers operates at the intersection of technology, user research, psychology and neuromarketing. This fuels a constant stream of psychological insights for website optimisations. Often the media picks up our stories and our articles are well-read on platforms like Emerce and Marketing Facts. Since we are an evangelist of better customer experience, we’re happy to bundle and share this knowledge here.

TVC Benchmark Report 2021

Neuromarketing & ad effectiveness is a neuro-marketing study of four TV-commercials from leading Dutch supermarkets. What are the key learnings when digging deeper into the psyche of the viewer?

TVC Benchmark Report 2021 by Braingineers


10 Common UX & Design mistakes

10 common frustrations in UX Web design causing drop-off behaviourThere are various analytics tools to measure website visitors’ behaviour, like Google Analytics, Hotjar, and A/B testing tools. Although they'll provide crucial information on how people interact,...

TomTom GO Case

TomTom Go Naviation: App/Playstore & App Onboarding optimization Introduction In addition to its navigation devices and in-car software for brands like BMW, Fiat and Opel, TomTom decided to compete with the mainstream 'free' mobile navigation apps with their GO...

Anticipated regret

When people make decisions, they predict what the outcome will be like if they decide to take actionThey also consider how they would feel about the specific outcome. If people predict that the specific outcome would be unsatisfactory, they feel a sense of regret –...

IKEA effect

People value products more if they played a role in the creation of the product “The IKEA effect will create stronger bond between the user and the product. The effort that users will put into completing the product to a complete state will transform into love for...

Affect heuristic

The emotional state of an individual can subconsciously influence their decision makingAffect HeuristicResearch tells us that people in a positive mental state are more likely to perceive potential risks as low, and are thus more likely to try new things. On the other...

How VGZ managed to connect emotionally with their customers

Health insurance contest In November of each year, perhaps the biggest client carousel known to the Netherlands takes place. This mass rotation of clients is ushered in by health insurance companies presenting their insurance plans for the upcoming year. Whereas...

Psychological Reactance: pressuring your customers is counterproductive

Everyone who has ever traveled the world must be familiar with those touristy markets where pushy merchants overzealously try to sell you their goods. Before you know it, they shove their products into your hands, leaving you no time to consider your purchase. Perhaps...

Did the John Lewis Christmas ad connect emotionally?

Since John Lewis & Partners launched their first Christmas advert, it has set a new stage for Christmas commercials. The mini feature film adverts, with their distinctive and effective emotional storytelling, have won numerous prizes, including several IPA...

How ASICS saw its conversion increase by 40 percent through neuro-usability research

Thorough research into the usability of your online services pays off. An optimization project for the Shoe Finder tool from global sports brand ASICS broke even within 20 days and resulted in a spectacular boost in online conversion. How can a store shopping...

Is your (potential) customer at risk for Fear of Missing Information (FOMI)?

By Sam Goos (Research Lead at Braingineers) & Lieven Swinnen (Manager Online Channels at Providing too much information on your website might lead to Fear of Missing Information (FOMI). FOMI about your product or service might lead to increased...

IKEA effect

People value products more if they played a role in the creation of the product “The...

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TomTom GO Case

TomTom Go Naviation: App/Playstore & App Onboarding optimization Introduction In addition to its navigation devices and in-car software for...

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Client cases


How to use neuro-UX to challenge the standard ‘free’ mobile maps. How TomTom built trust and engagement.

Asics case

How ASICS saw its conversion increase by 40% through neuro-usability research

VGZ case

How is conversion affected with an orientation flow, two steps back in the funnel?

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