By adding Braingineers’ emotion analytics to their conversion optimization procedure, T-Mobile saw a spectacular growth in conversion and in efficiency in their optimization cycles.


Succesful A/B-tests


Conversion increase per A/B-test


1-Year total conversion increase

Conversion optimization

T-Mobile analyzes frustration points on their website to decrease dropout and increase conversion rates throughout the website.

UX optimization

T-Mobile focuses on decreasing frustration points for their visitors, which will increase loyalty to your website.

Backlog priority

T-Mobile uses the objective data to prioritize backlog in most efficient way, and based on actual emotion data.

Jurriaan Bos, Product Owner E-Commerce

“There are many reasons why we’ve been working together with Braingineers for 3 years. The emotion analytics of Braingineers are a perfect addition to our data and other tests. Based on their insights we are able to improve the conversion rates and user experience at the same time.”

Jurriaan Bos, Product Owner E-Commerce
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Watch the full presentation of this case. Presented by founder Roderick, together with Paul Verduin from T-Mobile.

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