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Large organisations traditionally spend a big chunk of their marketing budgets on above the line media, like TV-commercials (TVC). Interestingly, ad-performance is mostly measured after go-live. Why not measure (emotional) impact before the final edit? With pre-testing,  budget negotiations would be a lot easier. Yet, this is rarely the case due to a lack of reliable testing methods. Until now. Will neuromarketing research become the go-to method for pre-testing? 

“Neuromarketing & ad effectiveness” is a series of four cases where video content, in this case TV-commercials (hereinafter: TVC) from leading Dutch supermarkets, were tested with neuromarketing techniques.  What are the key learnings?

The TVC’s were assessed to answer the following questions: 

  1. Which (subconscious) elements were the most/least effective?
  2. What neuro-insights could have optimized these TVCs?

Scientific research has shown that 95% of our decisions are made subconsciously. Customer behavior is hardly led by rational thinking, but determined by subconscious, emotional experiences, trust and (brand) loyalty. In “Neuromarketing & ad effectiveness” we’ll try to demonstrate this.

A neuro-video study with 40 participants was conducted (see methodology here) of TVC’s from Albert Heijn (Ahold Delhaize), Jumbo, LIDL (Schwarz Group) and Plus.  For comparability reasons, all commercials aired around the same time and shared the same theme: summer season. 

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Albert Heijn Case #1

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Jumbo Case #2

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Lidl Case #2

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Plus Case #2

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