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High quality user insights of your website, app, prototypes,  email campaigns and more. Discover bottlenecks, improve UX, or get input for your CRO teams.

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Optimize UX & CX

Better UX. Proven.

Our award-winning methodology and technology enables us to capture users’ emotions and their (implicit) behaviour. Experience the power of UX research combined with eye-tracking, click|touch-tracking and emotion detection to:



Validate new prototypes, websites or apps before going live. Get the most important bottlenecks for users up in your sprints.



Discover bottlenecks and minimize drop-out risks in your journey or sales funnel. Find out how intuitive your flows are for an optimal user experience.

Be more efficient

Braingineers’ data-driven input prioritizes your bakcklog and functions as concrete, evidence-based input for A/B testing. No more internal debates or gut-feeling hyptotheses!


What can you expect?

Research: what we’ll do

User testing with a unique approach to collect objective data, minimizing bias. Participant management included.

  • User testing includes behavioral data from eye-tracking, click/touch-tracking, browsing behavior and emotion detection.
  • Psychological analysis of (implicit) customer behavior
  • Participant feedback (interview, neurofeedback)
  • Specific target groups can be organized.
  • Customer-centric feedback loops (see right column)

See our approach & methodology (1,5 minute video):

Delivery: what you’ll get

Evidence based UX insights and concrete suggestions to improve the user’s experience.

  • A report, presentation and Q&A session with a (neuromarketing) research expert. This includes actionable sugestions, like input for A/B testing priorities.
  • Brainpeek, our analytics platform. You’ll have access to dynamic dashboards and emotions/behavioural data, heatmaps, screen-recordings and participant feedback, easily structured for next steps and team collaboration.

How Brainpeek works and what insights you can expect:

Read more about Brainpeek here


Let’s talk!

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