UX Benchmarking

Rank yourself on UX, intuitiveness, and effectiveness. What elements are important for users, especially in relation to your competitors? Who offers the best UX, but mostly: why?

Compare and start improving your customers experience with new insights.

Ux status check

This research is all about getting insight from your key user flows and those of your competitors. Understand which elements make your website/app unique and what users like about those of your competitors. It helps to get priorities straight and to discover outside-in views. Use these insights for:



Measure how far your ahead/behind your competitors on UX, both in general as well as on page level. It’s an ideal instrument for annual brand / UX performancetracking.


See on what pages or elements your competitors shine or innovate. As a marketleader, learn what challengers do (or vice versa). But more important: understand what their customers like about them.

Optimising & Innovating

Use all insights for optimisation and redesign sprints. Get tangible, actionable insights for A/B testing. Know your priorities. Backlog filled, guaranteed!

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What to expect?

Choose your setup

  • Determine which flow(s) to be benchmarked
  • Pinpoint specific elements in the flow as focus points
  • Choose your competitors
  • Pick your target audience
Supermarket benchmark report
Brainpeek Emotion Graphs - EEG data

Put us to work

  • We’ll handle everything: from participant management, UX research and analysis to the delivery, within 2-3 weeks.
  • 10 participants per brand / customer journey (40-50 on average, depending on number of competitors)
  • Your welcome to tune-in digitally or live at our lab
  • Outcome: insights (see below), data and analysis presented in a meeting, Q&A session, benchmarking report and Brainpeek, a UX analytics dashboard where everything is organised and avaialble for deep-dives, team collaboration and guidance on optimization actions. 

Unlock new insights

  • Full UX analysis of your- and your competitors’ most important flows / journeys.
  • UX performance tracking: comparison of overall-, page- and element fluency. Ranking on intuitiveness and best user experience. Check what to learn from whom.
  • Insights: overview of all strong elements and bottlnecks, supported with data, customer feedback and (psychological) expert reviews.
  • Suggestions: tangible, evidence-based input for follow-up actions, such as redesigns or input for A/B testing.
  • Deep-dive in Brainpeek: check emotion data, eye tracking heatmaps, consolidated (or individual) participant feedback on page- or element level, session recordings and more…

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