UX Benchmarking

Gain insight into How your UX performs

Measuring UX performance

UX Benchmarking provides extensive insight into how your UX journeys and web flows are performing compared to your competitors.

For instance, benchmarking lets you find answers to questions such as: 

  • How fluent are my customer journeys?

  • What can I learn from my competitors?

  • How intuitive is my UX design?

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Performance fluency

Benchmark phones

With our UX Benchmark reports, we assess the overall performance of your web flows in comparison to your competition, on a qualitative level.

Benchmark rankings are given on an overall flow level, as well as a page level. Not only does it give insight into how your total flow performs, it also enables you to determine which pages underperform and why. 

Understand why

With UX Benchmarking, you will come to understand how your web flows are performing in relation to your competition, but more importantly, why you outperform them or are underperforming.

Reports provide concrete and actionable optimization advice, so you can start elevating your customer experience instantly. In our research, we focus on specific areas such as:

  • Findability

  • Fluency

  • Quality and quantity of information


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