Pre-test & validate your COMMERCIALS

Test your videos, like TV commercials, and improve ad-effectiveness by making use of neuromarketing insights: discover the emotional impact on your viewers…before spending your media budget. Delivery within 1 week.



Check whether your commercial triggers the right emotions and associations with your target audience. Do key messages get across as assumed?



Create more effective commercials by improving and fine-tuning them on data-driven insights and suggestions. Improve Brand Recognition, optimize timing for your call to action or ensure that brand associations are more sticky.


What to expect?

Research: what will we do? 

Neuromarketing video-testing, including participant management, interviews and survey.


    • What emotions/implicit reactions are aroused by your video?
    • How distinctive is your commercial / video?
    • Does it resonate with your audience?
    • What associations are triggered?
    • Does it match your audience’s expectiations?
    • Is the key message clear?
    • Will it trigger the desired action/response?

Delivery: what will you get?

Evidence based insights and concrete suggestions  to increase the effectiveness of your video/commercial.


  • Answers to mentioned research questions (and more)
  • Psychological explanation of viewers’ behaviour & feedback
  • Evaluation on: distinctiveness, message clarity, commercial brand fit, sharing intent, action intent.
  • Brainpeek: dynamic reporting & analytics dashboard, including all data like eye-tracking heatmaps, emotion-data, recordings, participant feedback, etc. Read more about Brainpeek here.
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Check out what a neuro-video assessment looks like by watching this video, discover Brainpeek and its content by signing up for a demo-account or read one of our benchmark reports (see below).

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TVC Benchmark Report 2021

“Neuromarketing & ad effectiveness” is a benchmark study of four TV-commercials from leading Dutch supermarkets. What are the key learnings from a neuromarketing assessment?

TVC Benchmark Report 2021 by Braingineers

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