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Neuro Video Test: connect emotionally


The subconscious brain of your customers has a major impact on their evaluation of a video and their subsequent behavior. Measuring how your customer’s subconscious brain reacts is crucial in understanding, improving, and predicting the impact and effectiveness of your video.

EEG allows us to get objectively measured emotional data focusing on joy, attention, and frustration.


Eye tracking shows where your customers are (not) looking when an emotional response occurs.


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Why do neuro video research?

  • Know from second to second which emotions your video evokes.
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of your video through scene by scene emotion analysis.
  • Know, through use of eye tracking, where viewers are looking at in your video when an emotional response occurs.
  • See which elements in your video lead to a positive or negative emotional impact.
  • Discover the viewers’ associations, evaluations and feedback on the video.
  • Receive concrete video optimization advice in an online data dashboard based on our psychological expertise.

Which videos can you test?

From moving storyboards to final edits

TV Commercials

Social Media videos



Corporate communication



How does it work?

1. You request a test in Brainpeek. This will take two minutes.

2. Braingineers will perform a test with ten participants.

3. Your data is automatically processed and analyzed in our platform, Brainpeek. The insights are delivered in an online report.

4. Optionally, a Braingineers consultant performs a data analysis on your videos to identify bottlenecks and learnings.

5. Boost the emotional
impact of your video.

Do you want to know more about our methodology? Download this PDF.

What clients say about us

We have done several Neuro Video Tests with Braingineers, and these have given us interesting insights. It has helped us to further optimize our TV commercials in a number of areas in order to achieve maximum emotional impact. This has contributed to running a great campaign and we are very pleased with the result.”


Jeroen Hamstra, Marketing Communication Manager @ Menzis

We called in Braingineers when we wanted to test our TV commercial via neuro-research for our brand A.Vogel. We found it important that certain brand values ​​were well presented. Based on the insights, we adjusted things in the concept to make our new TV campaign stronger. We experienced the cooperation as positive!

Joan Bakker, Product Manager @ A.Vogel

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