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With neuromarketing insights, based on real emotion tracking and uniquely created algorithms to detect emotions, we are able to get your customer experience to the next level.


Improving online conversions and customer experience is what we do. To get actual insight in how to improve your CX we apply science based methods like EEG and eye tracking in combination with neurofeedback. People are bad at evaluating their own feelings, timings of these feelings and causes of these feelings, so why ask participants what they feel or think when you can actually measure objectively? For this we created our own emotion analytics platform.



Neuro Usability Research

Traditional usability research depends on the ability of people evaluating their own emotions to extract optimization points on a website. The biggest problem is that people cannot efficiently provide insight in their own emotions.


Using a combination of EEG, eye tracking and neurofeedback in our own neuromarketing analytics platform it is possible to objectively measure emotional bottlenecks and thus optimization points for the customer. It’s possible to see when people get frustrated, where they are looking combined with feedback on why they get frustrated on that specific moment.

Neuro Video Testing

With the help of EEG and eye tracking you can get insights in which emotions are induced by which scenes. Excitement, engagement and frustrations are emotions which vary over time during the viewing of a TV commercial. In combination with eye tracking, which indicate the eye movements of the customer, you can see what distracts and which important messages are left unseen. With these specific neuromarketing insights in the emotional experience of the customer, it is possible to optimize the TVC.

Customer Experience Research

The latest technologies in the fields of EEG and eye tracking make it possible to use these methods for nearly all customer experience researches to measure subconscious behavior of the customer. Wireless EEG, measuring excitement, engagement and frustration, and health patches, measuring stress and heart rate, are quality indicators for the emotional experience of the consumer. From analyzing stress points during a flight or in a store to subconscious bottlenecks in public transportation.




Transavia is probably one of the most innovative companies relative to it’s size. With continuous neuro usability testing they’re improving online customer experience. But also offline experience of passengers during flights are measured with the latest neuromarketing tools from Braingineers. The rebranding was guided by Braingineers to measure effects on target group of the rebranding before it went live.



One of the biggest telecom providers in The Netherlands and very focussed on continuously optimizing online customer experience and conversions. With weekly neuro usability testing Vodafone is one of the pioneers in implementing continuously neuro usability testing in their optimization processes.



Auping is one the most famous bed makers and originally Dutch. They value customer experience a lot and with their new online shop they transfer the offline experience of looking for a bed partly online. To achieve highest online experience the new website is optimized by neuro usability research.

LEMZ & VeiligheidNL


Lemz is a creative agency who produced the ‘toys or toxic’ campaign for VeiligheidNL to make parents more aware of the dangers of cleaning materials when children are around. To show the attraction of these materials for children of ages 1-4 in comparison with regular toys, Braingineers conducted a neuromarketing research using eye tracking, heart rate monitor and behavior observations. It showed that more than half of the children were more attracted to cleaning materials than regular toys.

Albert Heijn


Albert Heijn has developed the Allerhande Box in the past few years to deliver preselected ingredients based on three recipes to people at home. Braingineers analyzed the online customer experience to see where they can improve usability, comprehension of the product and expectations throughout the funnel.



The State Lottery is the most famous lottery in The Netherlands. With a lot of different neuromarketing researches they continuously improve their customers experience, online and offline.



  • De meeste handelingen en beslissingen die je op een dag maakt doe je automatisch, zonder na te denken, en dus onbewust. Bijvoorbeeld het smeren van een boterham, auto rijden, het kijken van een TV programma of een fles wijn in de supermarkt kopen....

  • Wanneer mannen een website bezoeken gaan zij vaak doelgericht te werk. Op een gestructureerde manier gaan zij op zoek naar een bepaald product of categorie. Vrouwen daarentegen, gaan orienterender te werk en zijn vaak op zoek naar inspiratie. Maar waarom gedra...

  • In huidig technologisch tijdperk met hoge internetsnelheden via 4G en glasvezel verwachten we direct een antwoord te vinden wanneer we online op zoek gaan naar informatie. Ook wanneer consumenten zich door websites navigeren om een bepaald doel te bereiken, zo...


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