Smarter user research solutions

Gain insights to improve UX, conversions and ad effectiveness. With technology like eye-tracking, click|touch-tracking and neuro-tech, we capture customer behavior on a deeper level.

  • User testing
  • Video pre-testing
  • Neuromarketing research
  • UX benchmarking

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Data driven user testing

Whether you’d like to have your website, app or video tested, with Brainpeek, we’ve created a simple and effective method for data-driven user testing, including emotion tracking and implicit behaviour. Check out this Nike demo to see how it works and how users experience their customer journey, .

Neuro Usability testing for websites and apps

User testing

Discover bottlenecks in your app or website to optimize UX, improve conversion and to gain insights for targeted A/B testing.

Neuro Usability testing for videos

Video pre-testing

Pre-test TV Commercials and videos to improve brand recognition, ad effectiveness and emotional impact.

Neuro Usability testing for videos

Predictions (beta)

Get instant heatmap predictions in split-seconds to verify and improve your designs, social posts or ads and videos.

User testing, including emotion tracking

By applying neuromarketing technology, our analysis & insights go much deeper than the surface, detecting and explaining user/viewer behavior on conscious and subconscious level.

Award Winning

Braingineers has won various awards & nominations in UX, Customer Insights and technological innovations 

  • Best Optimization & Customer Insights Agency (#1 Emerce Top 100, multiple years in a row)
  • DDMA Dutch CRO Awards
  • Emotion Detection Algorithms: Innovation Award (Accenture)
  • Challenger 50 (Deloitte)
  • Innovation Top 100 (Chamber of Commerce)


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