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Customer behavior: the why behind data

If analytics tell you what, we’ll tell you why

Data provides the result of customer behavior. Neuromarketing finds out the reason, the why. What do people experience when watching a video or browsing a website? Why do people leave a funnel? With 95% of our decisions made within our subconscious brain, we need to dig into the brain. In order to truly understand customer behavior you have to get to the customer’s subconscious, emotional experience. This is what we do.

Braingineers is a front-runner in neuromarketing research. We help our clients improve customer experience on multiple levels, from conversion, or service experience level to customer satisfaction resulting in loyalty and retention.

So, in order to truly understand your customers’ behavior, you have to explore the why: their subconscious emotional experience.

Experts in Emotion analytics

> 6000 tests

> 500 websites optimized for top brands

Award winning technology

Conversion rate increases up to 40%

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Neuro usability

Understand how your users really experience your website, email, online tool or campaign with neuro usability research. By combining technologies such as eye-tracking, neuro-measurements (EEG) and artificial intelligence, we are able to capture your customers’ subconscious- and emotional experience. Assess why they behave in the way they do, why they drop out or how your product relates to them. Our unique setup enables us to conduct UX tests being closest to unbiased, natural behavior, minimizing subjectivity.

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Neuro video

Measure and increase the effectiveness of your video prior to launching it.

Curious what viewers really think or feel when watching your video? Whether they understand the key message or get triggered by a call to action? Neuro video research makes it possible to test the effectiveness of your video, prior to launching it. A unique way of measuring emotions to understand the conscious and subconscious impact of shots, people, products, text, music or voice overs on the viewer. Get concrete, actionable insights and tips to help you optimize your video.


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Success Stories

“There are many reasons why we have been working together with Braingineers for 3 years. The emotion analytics of Braingineers are a perfect addition to our data and other tests. Based on their insights we are able to improve the conversion rates and user experience at the same time.”

Jurriaan Bos

Product Owner E-Commerce

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Conversion increase: 40%

Thorough research into the usability of your online services pays off. An optimization project for the Shoe Finder tool from global sports brand ASICS broke even within 20 days and resulted in a spectacular boost in online conversion.

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Rick Hoving

Sr. E-Commerce manager EMEA

“The focus of Philips is to provide visitors with the best user experience. We use the Braingineers platform to gain insights on what causes frustration and joy to our website visitors. We gather this knowledge for the continuous improvement of our customer journeys, so that we can offer an efficient, effective and pleasant user experience on all touch points of their buying process.”

Soraya Cardoso

Global Lead Digital Optimization

Conversion increase: 11,8%

“By using Brainpeeks emotion data in combination with our other data layers, we’re enriching our insights into our users’ behavior. This results in a truly next level of optimization effectiveness and increases in conversions.”

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Lieven Swinnen

Manager E-Business

Neuro usability or regular usability?

Traditional marketing research or regular usability testing are usually based on surveys or thinking out loud principles when asking customers about their experience. Scientific research has shown that self-reported intentions and attitudes can not accurately predict consumer behavior: 95% of all decisions are made subconsciously. Why ask rational feedback with the risk of bias when you can capture subconscious behavior and emotions?

EEG or fMRI?

fMRI is a research method that measures an overall emotion. Its limitation is that it can’t measure emotions on a (milli)second accuracy, whilst EEG can. With EEG we are able to pinpoint a moment, scene or element in that scene, tracing those aspects of your marketing content that induce emotions.

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Why Braingineers?

Braingineers helps companies grow by connecting emotionally with their customers through each step of their customer journey. What makes us unique?

  • Award winning research agency
  • Award winning employees with experience on the largest emotion database on websites with more than 6000 tests
  • Unique technology, proprietary algorithms that detect emotions

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