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Braingineers offers neuro testing solutions to help companies achieve their business goals. 

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Connect emotionally, connect subconsciously

By connecting on an emotional level with your customers you can double your customer value*. This means you will have to improve your product based on the measurements of emotions coming directly from your customers’ brains.

Our neuro testing method is specifically built for this purpose. Through the use of EEG, the following three emotions can be analyzed while participants navigate through your website or watch your video:

Neuro research vs. traditional research

Traditional marketing research uses surveys to ask customers about their experience, while research has shown that self-reported intentions and attitudes cannot accurately predict consumer behavior, because 95% of all decisions that people make are made subconsciously.

Instead, Neuro Testing registers subconscious emotions in real-time without any biases.

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EEG vs. other techniques

EEG has a higher temporal resolution, in contrast to fMRI, so it can pinpoint a moment of emotion with a millisecond accuracy and find the exact aspects of your marketing content that induce emotions.

Also, EEG outperforms other neuroscience techniques like facial coding in explaining human behavior.

Why Braingineers

Braingineers helps companies grow by connecting emotionally with their customers through all the steps of their customer journey. What makes us unique?

  • Award winning Product with our own algorithms to detect emotions.
  • Award winning People with experience on the largest emotion database on websites with more than 5000 tests.

Success stories

“The focus of Philips is to provide visitors with the best user experience. We use the Braingineers platform to gain insights on what causes frustration and joy to our website visitors. We gather this knowledge for the continuous improvement of our customer journeys, so that we can offer an efficient, effective and pleasant user experience on all touch points of their buying process.”

Soraya Cardoso

Global Lead Digital Optimisation

“By using Brainpeeks emotion data in combination with our other data layers, we’re enriching our insights into our users’ behavior. This results in a truly next level of optimization effectiveness and increases in conversions.”

Lieven Swinnen

Manager E-Business

“There are many reasons why we’ve been working together with Braingineers for 3 years. The emotion analytics of Braingineers are a perfect addition to our data and other tests. Based on their insights we are able to improve the conversion rates and user experience at the same time.”

Jurriaan Bos

Product Owner E-Commerce

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