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Do you recruit a custom target group for testing?

For each user test, we’ll discuss and describe the criteria of your desired target group. We are able to recruit almost any target group from our own participant panel app or network.

How fast can you deliver user test results?

This depends on the type of research, but overall we deliver in one to two weeks. Video testing and Quickscans UX) witin one week (ideal for sprints or tight media-planning). UX testing with long(er) journeys and extensive expert-analyses are delivered in two weeks. Still fast 😉.

Where can I find your pricing?

Pricing depends on your situation, like (specific) target groups, number of tests (single or bundle) and consultancy add-ons. Best is to get in touch via the contact form above to request a proposal.

Do you charge extra for mobile user tests?

Nope. The proposal you receive is for user tests, which can be mobile, desktop or video.

Where can I find demos of your user tests?

If your eager to see the user test reports in action, feel free to sign up for Brainpeek as a demo user: Brainpeek. Here you’ll find examples of the Nike demo and Coca-Cola TV commercial.

Can I participate in one of your user tests?

Absolutely! Sign up in our panel app and fill out some personal details, like which grocery apps or energy provider you use. Based on these criteria, we’ll invite you for the right user tests to participate. You’ll receive an email where you can schedule a test yourself. Read more..

Can we get our own neuromarketing research lab? 

Yes! Good news for clients and agencies who wish to get their own, in-house neuro-lab! As of now, we can set-up a neuro-research studio as a turnkey solution. Technology, tooling, workflow-management: all integrated. Reach out to us to start your own neuromarketing journey to better connect to your customers.

Johan Huizingalaan 763A, 1066 VH Amsterdam

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