People value products more if they played a role in the creation of the product

“The IKEA effect will create stronger bond between the user and the product. The effort that users will put into completing the product to a complete state will transform into love for that product. The subjective value will be higher in comparison to a product that hasn’t cost any effort”
– ‘Nikolov, 2017’

The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias that explains how consumers place a disproportionally high value on their products they partially created. Besides the fact that people who buy customised products are more satisfied with their purchase, they are more involved with the concerning company, return to the website of the company more often and show a higher lever of brand loyalty.

How to apply?

  • Give visitors the option to customize products. Even if it’s a little customization.
  • Enable visitors to customize the user experience of digital products.
  • Keep a good balance between effort and customisation.

Two examples of websites where you can ‘create’ your own product:

neuro usability ikea effect 19 example

If case you’re interested in reading more about this, we can recommend this article (long read) from the behavioral economics and consumer psychology hub for marketers, InsideBE.